Planning the future for your loved ones


Disposing of Medications

Donation of medications is not possible for most drugs nor is it available to many people, so you will most likely be looking for a way to dispose of expired and unused medications. Although there are pros and cons for each, take-back programs are the preferred method of disposal. Unfortunately, finding a place to take […]

Donating Medications

We dispose of more than $5 billion worth of medications per year, but is there an alternative to throwing out medications? Sometimes it is possible to give them away. Before you do, it is important to know that the selling and distribution of medications are strictly regulated by State Boards of Pharmacy and other state […]

Dealing with Unused Medications

Medicines, dietary supplements, and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs may be important for our health and well-being, but they can also be a health risk in the home, especially if there are children present. Keeping unused or expired medications, whether yours or a loved one’s after their death, creates an unnecessary and avoidable risk of poisoning.  Exposure […]

Recovering from Grief

Although you will always grieve for your loved one, the intensity of grief should fade over time. As with the experience of grief, the rate at which that happens is individual and depends on the circumstances. You cannot have any expectations when it comes to grieving. You can’t force grief away, especially by ignoring it, […]

Dealing with Grief and Grief Counseling

Most of us will have to deal with the death of a loved one. It will be a very stressful event, even if you have gone through it before or know it is coming. Everyone experiences grief when a loved one becomes terminally ill or after they have died. Grief is a complex process that […]


Grief is the most common feeling experienced by anyone affected by death. It is normal after a loved one’s death. You may also experience anticipatory grief, which is grieving associated with an expected event.  In this case, you are aware of and will be grieving your loved one’s impending death and, in addition, you will […]

Other Things To Do

There are many other tasks you will need to do. Some will involve checking and applying for any death or survivor benefits to help you out financially, closing out your loved one’s affairs, notifying agencies about their death, and even checking for any evidence of identity theft. The executor of their will may be the […]

Settle the Estate

Once all the previous tasks have been completed, it is time to begin settling the remaining estate. As previously mentioned, your loved one’s private assets will be tied up until this is done, and you will need these assets to move on with your and your family’s lives. The first step will be to contact […]

Controlling Costs

Visitations, viewings, funerals, memorial services, and burials can be very expensive, typically between $1,500 and $20,000, depending on the level of services, your choice of casket, the number of ceremonies, venues, available amenities, and where you live. It is always important to remember that funeral homes, mortuaries, and crematoriums are all businesses and need to […]

Honoring Your Loved Ones

Almost all families will have some type of service or ceremony to honor their loved one and provide an opportunity for family and friends to say goodbye. The recognition from the community and the emotional support from well wishers help the family cope with the loss of their loved one. These events are an important […]