Planning the future for your loved ones

Getting Started

Digital storage

We are increasingly relying on digital access and storage to manage our lives. It’s important for everyone involved in your estate to accept this and be knowledgeable about digital assets and how to manage them. As you begin to organize this digital information remember the many websites where you’ve left a digital footprint and how […]

The Old-fashioned Way

Although we are trending toward a paperless society, much of your life is probably on paper. Storing paper documents, personal information such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, Social Security cards, and military records, receipts and bills, and other files requires a lot of space and keeping them organized is a major undertaking. Not only that, […]

Options for Storing Documents, Information, and Files

Before beginning to discuss the individual steps of your end-of-life plan, it is important to consider where you will be keeping the details. Everything about your life that needs to be attended to after your death must be securely and safely stored so it will be there when your trustee, executor, beneficiaries, or other agents […]

Start the Process

Get an estimate of the timeline with your healthcare providers to help determine what and how urgent these planning measures should be. If you have already started, determine what remaining tasks you need to finish, including a will or living trust, power of attorney, healthcare proxy, and/or advanced directives. If you haven’t started, consider seeking […]

Finding a Financial Advisor/CPA and/or Attorney

While you can find information about how to do end of life planning from many sources and download most of the relevant documents, your situation may be too complex to go it alone. Do It Yourself documents may only be appropriate for simple estates and are sometimes not up to date. The same is true […]

Start Planning Early

It is important for all of us to acknowledge the inevitability and finality of death and to make plans accordingly. These plans affect your loved ones, so you should involve them in the planning process. It is best to do this well in advance of perceiving an impending need for the plans. If you are […]