Living and dying are becoming more complicated and expensive. We all want to maintain control of events as we age. Unfortunately, without proper planning and documentation of our wishes, what we hoped for our end of life may not happen.

Plan for Passing On is designed for two audiences: people who are planning for their final years and those who are responsible for wrapping up the affairs of a deceased friend or family member. Our goal is to guide you and to present options you may not have thought of in various areas.


There are two events in life everyone experiences – birth and death. We can’t plan for our own birth, but there’s a lot we can do to plan for our death. The Plan for Passing On website is designed to help you plan for this ultimate fate, as well as those who are dealing with the passing of a loved one. The website guides visitors through the many decisions that need to be made around this difficult time of life.

What We Do

People planning for and approaching the end of their lives encounter many difficult obstacles and personal decisions. Over time, due to age or progressing illness, you may begin to lose your ability to deal with these obstacles or make rational decisions. In addition to facing the consequences of disability and mortality, you and your family may also face serious financial issues. 

  • As the time approaches you may experience progressive disabilities that require increasingly expensive support and medical care. And modern medical treatment is prolonging this.
  • There are even expenses to consider after death, such as estate taxes, final medical bills, and funeral and burial costs.
  • Families may be affected through wages and benefits lost while caring for you and through out-of-pocket expenses for your medical care.
  • Families can deplete their savings or even go into debt while caring for a dying family member.