Getting Started

Digital storage

Digital Storage We are increasingly relying on digital access and storage to manage our lives. It’s important for everyone involved in your estate to accept this and be knowledgeable about digital assets and how to manage them. As you begin to organize this digital information, remember the many websites where you’ve left a digital footprint […]

The Old-fashioned Way

The Old-Fashioned Way Although we are trending toward a paperless society, much of your life is probably on paper. Storing paper documents, passports, personal information such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, Social Security cards, military records, receipts and bills, vaccination records, and other files requires a lot of space and keeping them organized is a […]

Options for Storing Documents, Information, and Files

Options for Storing Documents, Information, and Files Updated: September 25. 2023 The Old-Fashioned Way Digital Storage Resources State-specific Digital Estate Planning Laws. everplans website. General References Digital Cheat Sheet: How To Create A Digital Estate Plan. everplans website. Accessed: September 25, 2023. Digital Estate Planning: How To Organize All Your Digital Property and Assets. everplans […]

Finding a Financial Advisor/CPA and/or Attorney

Finding a Financial Advisor/CPA and/or Attorney While you can find information about how to do end of life planning from many sources, including Plan for Passing On, it is informational only, not professional advice. While you can also download most of the relevant documents, your situation may be too complex to go it alone. Do It […]

Start Planning Early

Start Planning Early Updated: September 18, 2023 Finding a Financial Advisor/CPA and/or Attorney Start the Process Resources Alliance of Comprehensive Planners Broker Check – Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Financial/Legal End-of-Life Issues: What You Need to Know Find a CFP Professional – Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Find a Fee-Only, Fiduciary Financial Planner – The […]

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