Easing Your Passage

In-Home Care with Support Services

In-Home Care with Support Services Hospitals and long-term care facilities may be needed for situations where specific treatment is necessary, but most often people with a terminal illness need only comfort care. With some accommodations, home visits, and support services, those who are approaching the end of their life can remain at home. Although 60%-70% […]

Unnecessary End-of-life Care

Unnecessary End-of-life Care Updated: August 9, 2023 Having spent all that time, effort, and money to assure your heirs receive as much of your estate as the law will allow, there is another matter to consider, limiting the cost of your care. Although not a top priority toward the end of your life, it may […]

Life and Death Decisions

Life and Death Decisions Updated: August 9, 2023 We’ve previously discussed the importance of making decisions about the end of your life ahead of time, but what about decisions about your death? Your priorities for as the end of your life nears may be quite different from those you have had previously and from what […]

Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted Living Facilities Assisted Living Facilities are for those who need help with their personal care. It is unlikely you would move into one for the sole purpose of dying there. These are most appropriate for people, usually elders, who are fairly independent and make their own decisions about their activities. However, they may need […]

Hospital Care

Hospital Care The usual purpose of a hospital is to treat acutely ill patients. You enter the hospital with a significant condition or illness expecting to improve enough to be discharged. When you are in the hospital, medical professionals are available at all times to provide whatever level of care you may need. While being […]

Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes Nursing homes are able to provide almost constant care to residents. They are most appropriate for people needing medical care and close observation due to mental or physical illness, but are no longer ill enough to remain in the hospital. While we typically think of nursing homes as places for the elderly, they […]

Hospice Facility

Hospice Facility Although hospice focuses on ‘home’ care, it can also include care in nursing homes and assisted-living facilities. Some hospice organizations also have an inpatient facility. All of the hospice services offered to outpatients can be provided in these locations, plus some that can’t be managed at home. Whether giving your caretakers respite or […]

Choosing the Location of Chronic and End-of-Life Care

Choosing the Location of Chronic and End-of-Life Care Updated: August 14, 2023 As people age we tend to accumulate more health problems. With an aging population this leads to more people needing a higher level of healthcare. For some, those health issues happen earlier due to a serious illness or accident. Sometimes these problems are […]

Get What You Need

Get What You Need At some time, each individual involved in your life will need something different from each other. It should be possible for everyone to receive support based on their needs. What You Might Need From Others You will need ongoing love and support from your family and friends. Some of the support […]

Associated Emotions

Associated Emotions Powerful emotions are part of the grieving process. You may need to deal with these before you can progress through your grief. There are general ways to cope, such as talking with sympathetic friends, loved ones, or others who are also grieving, attending support groups, or reading books or listening to recorded material […]