Planning the future for your loved ones


Estate Planning

Doing it Yourself

Attorneys and other estate planners do not come cheaply, so when it comes time to make your last will and testament, can you go it alone? While doing it yourself may be the fastest, easiest, and least expensive option, at least if your estate is very simple. Even in this case, it is best to […]

Inheritance Law

Most people assume that their close relatives will inherit only what is left to them in the will. However, when it comes to your spouse and descendants this may not be true. There are inheritance laws that regulate their rights to inherit your property. These inheritance laws are complex and have two major consequences. You […]

Last Will and Testament

The last will and testament is a major part of an estate plan and will ensure that the estate is settled according to your wishes. While there are other steps in estate planning, the will is the primary document to guide the process of settling an estate. You may also use your will to express […]

What Should Not be Included in a Will

Spoken-for Property Property that shouldn’t be included in your will is any that is not owned solely by you or is already spoken for upon your death. There is considerable overlap between this list and the non-probate assets list. The most common examples of this property include the following: Property held with rights of survivorship, […]

Limitations of Wills

While your will legally allows you to protect certain personal assets and specify your wishes after you die, there are certain things you won’t be able to do with your will. There are some practical limitations, but the primary drawback is that the content of your will is subject to federal and state laws and […]

The Probate Process

Since probate is an important issue in estate planning, you will see the word probate come up a lot. Information about the probate process will be needed to help you better understand some of the details of estate planning. Probate is simply the legal process where the court or a judge verifies your will and […]

Sharing Your Estate Plan

Before finalizing an estate plan, you should consider whether or not you will share it with others. It can be difficult for some people, especially the elderly, to share all this financial and estate information while they are alive. When to share the plan is also something to consider carefully. Everyone who has access to […]