Social Security

Social Security Social Security (SS) is a federal benefits program that provides supplemental income for qualified retired adults and their spouses, those whose spouse or qualifying ex-spouse has died, and people with certain disabilities. SS can sometimes support the children of beneficiaries. SS is funded by social security taxes in the form of payroll taxes […]

In-Home Care with Support Services

In-Home Care with Support Services Hospitals and long-term care facilities may be needed for situations where specific treatment is necessary, but most often people with a terminal illness need only comfort care. With some accommodations, home visits, and support services, those who are approaching the end of their life can remain at home. Although 60%-70% […]

The Digital World

The Digital World Updated: August 1, 2023 Much of what we engage with these days is digital. We file our tax returns online, look up our medical information through a patient portal, store our pictures, movies, and music digitally, keep important information in digital form on our computers or in the cloud, communicate, and shop […]

Getting Started P4PO Blog

Getting Started P4PO Blog A topic that is often not discussed enough is end-of-life planning. It is important for everyone to acknowledge the inevitability and finality of death and to make plans accordingly. It is best to do this well in advance of an impending need for the plans. If you are healthy and well […]

Pour-over Will

Pour-over Will Updated: December 13, 2022 Unlike other wills, the pour-over will is not a stand-alone document. It is meant to be used along with a trust as a safety net and to do things a trust cannot, such as naming a guardian for your children. A pour-over will can be used as a way […]

Will Options for Couples

Will Options for Couples Updated: December 13, 2022 Mirror Will Mutual or Married Will The Joint Will While an individual will gives you complete control of your wishes after you die, committed couples creating two wills can sometimes be an expensive process. There are other forms of wills that you and your partner can consider […]