Information for Families

Entertainment Sites

Entertainment Sites Many entertainment sites involve contracts that allow people to stream video and music, watch live sports or concerts, or store and play music. Most of these sites save credit card information and for many the contract continues to renew until there is a request to stop it. After your loved one’s death, you […]

Online Shopping Sites

Online Shopping Sites Online shopping is any form of commerce that allows users to make purchases from a browser, often with shipping and billing information. Make sure you look for, find, and cancel all the online purchasing sites. Look for notifications for receipts, delivery confirmations, and advertisements in your loved one’s email and bills from […]

Online Subscriptions

Online Subscriptions Most publications are available online. Your loved one may have several subscriptions despite the absence of a printed magazine or newspaper. The subscriptions are usually accessed through their email. Many of these publications offer an automatic renewal feature that makes it necessary for you to identify and cancel them. Although some publications are […]

Dating Sites Used by Seniors

Dating Sites Used by Seniors If your loved one was using dating/connection sites, it is better to close down their account. Most of these sites charge a fee, which may be automatically renewed. In addition, it will stop all the notifications and requests that may continue to come if you don’t.  When you know your […]

Job Search Sites/Cloud Storage Services

Job Search Sites/Cloud Storage Services Job Search Sites Job search sites are a common way to look for employment. If your loved one used these services, it is better to close down their account. These sites usually have an enhanced option for a fee that may automatically renew. In addition, you will stop all the […]

Email Accounts

Email Accounts Providing an email or webmail address seems to be necessary for everything and the vast majority of people have at least one of these accounts. An Email account is a software application you install onto your computer to manage, send, and receive mail. Although Email interacts with a remote server that transfers correspondence, […]

Genealogy Sites

Genealogy Sites Looking into your family tree is a common hobby and is usually done using a genealogy site. This is different from DNA testing that provides information about racial background and rarely relates to specific ancestors. If your loved one used these sites, there are a few reasons you would want to look into […]

Managing the Web

Managing the Web Most people have an online presence “or digital footprint” whether it’s email, Facebook, or other platforms. People buy, stream, store, and download content and data from any number of sites, most of whom have credit card, billing, and other personal information. When these accounts remain active and go unused after a person […]

Photo Sharing Services

Photo Sharing Services In addition to photo albums and storage on electronic devices such as smartphones, computers, and thumb drives, your loved one may have stored many photographs and videos in a web-based photo sharing service. There are many such services. Some are social media sites. Others are sites exclusively for photographs and videos. When […]

The Digital World

The Digital World Updated: August 1, 2023 Much of what we engage with these days is digital. We file our tax returns online, look up our medical information through a patient portal, store our pictures, movies, and music digitally, keep important information in digital form on our computers or in the cloud, communicate, and shop […]

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