Estate Planning

Trust vs. Will

Trust vs. Will To determine whether a trust is preferable to a will for passing along your estate it is helpful to be aware of the differences between them. The comparison is between a living trust and a will since your both are created while you are alive. A testamentary trust is created after your […]


Trusts A trust is another way to leave your estate to your beneficiaries. A trust is a fiduciary (financial) relationship in which you, as the trustmaker or creator (called the “grantor” or “settlor“), give a trustee, who could be you or another person, the right to hold title to and manage your property or assets […]

Pour-over Will

Pour-over Will Unlike other wills, the pour-over will is not a stand-alone document. It is meant to be used along with a trust as a safety net and to do things a trust cannot, such as naming a guardian for your children. A pour-over will can be used as a way to capture any items […]

Digital Estates

Digital Estates Making Online Assets Available Data Privacy Laws Criminal Unauthorized Access Laws If you think about how hard it is for you to keep track of all of your digital information, including everything found on your cloud account and other websites, electronic devices, thumb drives, and external hard drives, imagine how hard it would […]

Communication is Important

Communication is Important An often overlooked part of estate planning is communicating with all the people named in your estate plan. Talking with them can ensure a smooth transition during the difficult period after your death, while surprises can create a lot of problems. The two most important things to do are providing your agent […]

Change with the Times

Change with the Times Once you have an effective estate plan, it is important to realize that this may only be efficient for a short period of time. An estate plan is a dynamic financial tool and evolves constantly, for many reasons. To maintain an effective estate plan you must be aware of any and […]

Make Decisions Carefully

Make Decisions Carefully There are many components to an estate plan and it’s important to carefully consider each one. Most estate planning tools are pretty flexible while you are alive, however there are many things that are difficult to change and even a few that can’t be at all, such as an irrevocable trust. Most […]

Know All Your Options

Know All Your Options Estate plans are highly individualized and complicated. They cannot be done properly if you don’t consider your situation, inventory all of your assets, and research all of the options. This is true even if you hire a professional, since they need to know everything to make proper decisions and may not […]

Crucial Estate Planning Steps

Crucial Estate Planning Steps Know All Your Options Make Decisions Carefully Change with the Times Communication is Important If your estate plan is not done properly, there may be consequences that can’t be corrected or easily fixed. Aside from not having an estate plan at all, there are four other basic errors you can make […]

Choosing Probate

Choosing Probate You can choose whether or not your assets will be subject to the probate process.To do so you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages and how they might apply to you. Advantages of Avoiding Probate Since the court is not involved, your trust settlement does not become part of the Public Record, […]