Charitable Trusts

Charitable Trusts Charitable Remainder Trust Charitable Lead Trust Giving to charity can feel rewarding and benefits good causes. For the most part, we give gifts while we are alive and receive benefits on our income taxes. Charitable gifts can also be used to reduce estate and capital gains taxes if you create a trust specifically […]

Special Needs Trust

Special Needs Trust Unique Features of the Special Needs Trust First-Party Special Needs Trusts Third-Party Special Needs Trusts For many with a serious disability, health insurance is a major consideration and it becomes crucial to get coverage under Medicaid for many reasons. They may need medical treatment and services for the rest of their lives, […]

Generation-Skipping Trust

Generation-Skipping Trust Indirect Skip Direct Skip A generation-skipping trust (GST) is a type of irrevocable bypass trust for assets to be subsequently passed on to your grandchildren while avoiding estate taxes during your children’s generation. They can be a living or testamentary trust. GSTs are much more complicated than they seem and you likely need […]

Trusts for Married Couples

Trusts for Married Couples Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trust Dividing Trusts Dual Trusts Trust Vs Will Totten Trust Trusts specific to married couples are created to provide for your surviving spouse, not necessarily make all of your assets available to them, while arranging to have your descendants or adopted children inherit part of your estate. […]

Testamentary Trusts

Testamentary Trusts Standard Testamentary Trust Other Types of Testamentary Trusts Steps to Get Ready to Create a Testamentary Trust Creating a Testamentary Trust Adding Assets to a Testamentary Trust A testamentary trust (a.k.a. will trust) is a type of trust that, like a will, is created to transfer your assets to your beneficiaries according to […]

Family Trust/Living Trust

Family Trust A family trust is not a specific type of trust but is any trust you create that names your family members by blood, marriage, or law (in the case of adoption) as the beneficiaries — not just your spouse like A-B or ABC Trusts. It can be a living trust or a testamentary […]


Trustees Who to Choose Duties of a Trustee Compensating Your Trustee The trustee will be the owner or holder of legal title of your trust property and the manager of the trust. This is known as a fiduciary role. They are responsible for all the decisions, choices, and transactions concerning the trust. They should be […]

Trust vs. Will

Trust vs. Will To determine whether a trust is preferable to a will for passing along your estate it is helpful to be aware of the differences between them. The comparison is between a living trust and a will since your both are created while you are alive. A testamentary trust is created after your […]


Trusts A trust is another way to leave your estate to your beneficiaries. A trust is a fiduciary (financial) relationship in which you, as the trustmaker or creator (called the “grantor” or “settlor“), give a trustee, who could be you or another person, the right to hold title to and manage your property or assets […]